Patient Testimonials

Just a quick line to let you know that I have been absolutely fine and that I am really pleased with the endo treatment etc. that I have been receiving. I know I was a ‘difficult case’ but the treatment I have received from you has been superb. I look forward to seeing you again soon to complete the treatment.

I’m sorry for being a coward regarding the needles but I must say you have put me completely at ease and I now don’t dread the injections, (well only a little!).

Lesley Dalton

Nooshin has managed to turn me from a dental phobic to someone who can now sit in the dentist chair with a relative degree of calm. Her sense of how I am feeling is second to none and her ability to relax me coupled with her attention to detail has filled me with confidence that she will save my teeth. She always explains what she is doing, listens to me then gets on with the job. She is professional, empathetic, thorough and a perfectionist. I am extremely thankful to have found her.

Judith Vella

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such kind and loving people (you of course included). You have such a wonderful and gentle touch when working- like a feather, I am so impressed and can’t thank you enough- A STAR!!

Elizabeth Register

I have been coming to Premier Smile Studio for a while now and have been very pleased with the treatment I have received. I used to have a fear of the dentist, but Nooshin has such a calming nature that I no longer worry about visiting the dentist.

Barbara Hurst

I highly recommend Premier Smile. The practice stands out clearly among the many I have used, particularly in the level of personal service and care and the obvious attention to detail when carrying out treatment. I have felt extremely well looked after and once or twice I’ve even dropped off to sleep while in the chair, I’ve been so relaxed and unconcerned.

Simon Bennett

I have attended many excellent dentists in the last six decades. Dr. Vasfi is undoubtedly the most skilled and attentive of them all.

Tony Alexander

I had a history of problem-free dentistry before the misfortune of experiencing a somewhat brutal experience with a new dentist and subsequently losing complete confidence in the dentist’s chair. Nooshin Vasfi has completely restored my confidence and I no longer fear a visit – she is not only a highly effective and professional practitioner, but has the ability to put me completely at ease. She has transformed me from a trembling, apprehensive, and reluctant patient to a relaxed and (almost) fearless one.

Janet Harris